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Prioritizing yourself shouldn’t be something you feel bad about.

It’s a given.
Cindy Tsai MD About Beach

You’re smart, capable, and have always been doing the right thing.

You checked off all the boxes.

But it still feels like something is missing. 

You know you’re meant for more. 

But how??



I can’t begin to list the benefits I have received from working with you Cindy.

When we first started I was in an odd mindset and very unsettled and honestly unsure how things would go. Your openness and encouragement to push myself and at the same time learn how to take care of myself was exactly what I needed. The benefits are innumerable. I am less stressed; I am more able to advocate for myself; I do not put my needs last or swallow my words when something does not go right; I am more confident (and I didn’t think I lacked confidence).

My stress and anxiety levels are the lowest they have been in years despite 2022 being a challenging year for me. My health is absolutely better as my body no longer ties itself up in knots when I am anxious. I’ve almost entirely stopped overeating to compensate for stress. I definitely needed to build my toolkit and that’s what I think I got out of our sessions the most. Plus an understanding ear and someone to push me to figure out how to put myself at the forefront while not dropping family and work commitments….that push to find balance and the strength to REFUSE to be stressed and anxious or to react poorly when someone pushed my buttons. That is invaluable. 

L. D.


my approach to coaching

I want you to STOP stressing out and wasting your time.  

I want you to experience success, joy, and freedom in ALL areas of your life. I developed the research-driven
Inspiring Success Story Method
TM after seeing the same patterns come up again and again.

I even wrote my bestselling book So Much Better on it! (Make sure to grab your copy HERE!)

The key is to develop mastery in 3 pillars of Calm, Confidence & Curiosity.  

inspiring success story method cindy tsai md


There are many studies, including one from Dyrbye et al., showing how coaching has helped physicians recover from burnout and improved their resilience and quality of life. 

A study from McGovern et al. also showed Fortune 1000 executives experienced improved working relationships, job satisfaction, productivity, and profitability through working with a coach. 

A 2014 Global Coaching Client Study conducted on behalf of the International Coach Federation found that of those individuals who had received coaching… 

  • 80% saw improved self-confidence
  • 73% saw improved relationships
  • 72% saw improved communication skills
  • 70% saw improved work performance
  • 61% saw improved business management
  • 57% saw improved time management
  • 51% saw improved team performance

So YES, coaching works. That being said, coaching is an investment in yourself and it’s important to find the right coach for you to set yourself up for success. Review FAQs below. 

if you’re ready to be an example of what’s possible…

I Also offer group coaching programs & WORKSHOPS

I lead various group training programs and workshops throughout the year.

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Frequently asked Questions

What is the format of a 1:1 coaching session?

We meet virtually for an hour each week. During the session, I share my best tools and tips to support you on your journey. There will be a mix of coaching, interactive exercises, guided visualization/meditations, reflections, and more. 

How much time is this going to take?

We meet for an hour each week for three months.

More is not better. The most important thing is that it works for you.

It’s not about the time but rather how committed you are. I believe wholeheartedly in your success and will share proven processes and tools to get you where you want to go. That being said, I can’t do the work for you. So come prepared, on time, complete the exercises and be open to new ideas as you stretch and grow.

I've tried to meditate and it doesn't work for me!

You may think that it’s impossible to quiet your mind. I know many people have a hard time when they try to sit still (including myself before) and quickly get uncomfortable as many thoughts come through.

However, practicing mindfulness is not just about meditation. I want to help you experience mindfulness without having to go on a meditation retreat. If you are open to trying, I think you may be pleasantly surprised. And a busy mind is actually a good thing! It means you are alive and your brain is working hard with a lot of energy to be productive that through mindfulness, you can learn to redirect to something more useful instead.

What's the investment?

Coaching is an investment in yourself and the rest of your life. How much is your happiness and fulfillment worth to you?

People are often called to coaching when they are fed up with feeling exhausted and lost. Do you want to keep going through the motions and waste your time going in circles, or see things get even worse? 

The investment for my coaching program varies depending on 1-on-1 vs. group format. I am happy to offer payment options so price doesn’t have to hold you back. If you are ready for the next step, book a FREE CONSULTATION CALL to see if coaching is a good fit for you right now. 

Can you be my doctor and help me with my health?

While I am a licensed physician, life coaching is not medical advice and coaching does not establish a doctor-patient relationship.

Please discuss any and all medical and mental health concerns with your personal healthcare provider. You may review the full disclaimer here.

What about privacy and confidentiality?

Every session is a safe, inclusive, and protected space.

Coaching is a confidential process and what we discuss will not be shared with others. Your personal information is always protected. In our group sessions, we set an intention to create and hold a safe space so that our amazing community can support each other in order to jumpstart a better life.

My experience working with Cindy was incredible.

She is a great listener and has tangible resources that have helped me on my healing journey.

Coaching has made my life easier and the tools prevent me from getting overwhelmed because I’m so much more aware. Coaching has helped me better my health and I now have many techniques to address my stress. 

Kendra P.

The old me would have gone ballistic!

This has been the first drama-free vacation. We didn’t get into any arguments. This is the first time our families have vacationed together and we didn’t kill each other!

I’ve been losing weight and feel good about my journey. I have so much more confidence in myself and so much more love for myself!! 


I like how you respectfully listen to my ramblings and then politely redirect me after digesting and have me work on the *real* issue.

You make me feel safe and not judged as you listen and then redirect to make sense of and rid the unproductive emotions! I’ve been implementing the self-care exercises, both emotional and physical ones and I’m proud of that.

Thank you! You are a gift to me!

Deb R.


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