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It’s time to get


A program to transform from UNFULFILLED to TRUE ALIGNMENT

Are You Ready to Feel SO MUCH BETTER and Shine as Your Most Authentic and Powerful Self?

The CONNECTED experience is the most effective way to TRANSFORM your life. 

You can own your worth and advocate for yourself while also taking care of those around you. It’s not mutually exclusive. 

You deserve to live your best life with ease!



Once you are CONNECTED with yourself and who you’re meant to be… 

Everything happens for you and you become UNSTOPPABLE. 

What does it mean to be CONNECTED?

To be calm and grounded as who you are, no matter what comes your way.

 To be confident and release the inner critic that has been holding you back.

To be curious and reclaim your purpose and inner wisdom because you have gifts only you can share.

To be an example of what’s possible.

To enjoy the life you worked so hard for with ease and joy.

What you’re getting inside the CONNECTED experience:

A 12-week deep-dive transformational journey full of research-based and practical tools and techniques to align with your true self for the next phase of life.

Each week, we will cover one of the key tenets of the CONNECTED framework. 

C: Clarity

O: Open-ness

N: Now

N: Nourish

E: Energized

C: Compassion

T: Triggers

E: Expansion

D: Deserving

Week 1

C: Clarity

“Knowing who you are and who you want to be”

Change starts with you. Get clarity on who you are and meant to be. 

When you have clarity, you have a clear vision and know exactly where you’re going.

Week 2

O: Open-ness

“Embracing change and possibility”

What got you here will NOT get you there. You don’t know what you don’t know. 

Let’s be open to explore your identity and the subconscious beliefs that are keeping you stuck. Learn how to reprogram the brain and change things for good.

Week 3

N: Now

“Savoring the beautiful moments in life”

Be present in your every day to be in full control of your life. Learn mindfulness principles and techniques to easily integrate into your life without having to go on a 10-day silent retreat. 

✅  When you are mindful and aware, living in the now, you get to choose and intentionally create the life you desire.

Week 4


“Are we there yet?”

This is not a race. We take time to review, clarify, and integrate in order to build a solid foundation before proceeding to the next phase of transformation. 

Week 5

N: Nourish

“Enriching all of you”

Give yourself permission to take care of you. 

When you are nourished and well, you will have so much more to give. Learn how to build a sustainable self-care practice and to trust and advocate for yourself. 

Week 6

E: Energized

“Sharing your gifts without fear or sabotage”

Fear is not the same as danger. It’s time to change your relationship and become friends with fear to leap towards your vision.

You are here because you have gifts only you can share with the world. Learn more tools and practices to stay calm and to show up as your most energized self. 

Week 7

C: Compassion

“Transforming your suffering”

What happens when things don’t work out? 

Life is not all rainbows and daisies. Learn how to bring compassion into your every day so that you can handle the ups-and-downs of life with ease and grace. 

Week 8

integration week

“Are We There Yet?”

✅ This is not a race. We take time to review, clarify, and integrate in order to ensure a solid foundation before proceeding to the final phase of transformation. 

Week 9

T: Triggers

“Releasing the painful memories”

Everyone has baggage but it’s time to let go so you can fly. 

Imagine being able to recognize and redirect the painful triggers as they come so they never have to bother you. Learn how to process and release your feelings. Become unstoppable. 

Week 10

E: Expansion

“Making space for what’s important”

Now that you’ve released the past, there is a new space to fill… It’s waiting for you to stop playing small. 

Explore this expansion and see what you are capable of and create your best life.

Week 11

D: Deserving

“Receiving the abundance and accepting what’s yours”

You are worthy, right now, just as you are. When you can fully accept and own who you are, you will no longer live life according to your external circumstances. You will maintain strong and healthy boundaries without guilt or shame.

It’s time to integrate with your most authentic and powerful self, feel so much better and leave an incredible legacy for all those who follow.

Week 12

celebration WEEK

“Your Next Phase”

Let’s honor and acknowledge how far you’ve come and the deep transformation you experienced. Recap all the tools and techniques you have learned and integrated into your life.

You are ready to take on this next phase of life with ease and joy! 

Getting started is eASY…

Why you can NO LONGER AFFORD to do this “later”...

How much longer are you going to say “I should be grateful but…” 

How many more books and podcasts are you going to go through before you finally commit and invest in yourself, once and for all?

How much harder do you have to work in order to prove yourself before you finally feel like you’re good enough? 

What other clients have said about working with Dr. Cindy!

Transformative. I learned so many tools to help me on my self-care journey, including how to stay connected to my intuition, how to let go of past traumas/disappointments/losses, breathing techniques, and how to treat myself with kindness and grace. It has made my life easier. Coaching has helped save me time. I don’t feel overwhelmed, stressed, disappointment or sadness like I did the last 5 years. What I love most about working with Cindy is her positivity and encouragement. I never feel like I’m falling behind, not doing the work or not making progress. She makes it easy to make a commitment to yourself, and provides options/tools for working through challenges.”

Blythe A. Founder.

“My experience working with Cindy was incredible. She is a great listener and has tangible resources that have helped me on my healing journey. Coaching has made my life easier and the tools prevent me from getting overwhelmed because I’m so much more aware. Coaching has helped me better my health and I now have many techniques to address my stress.”

Kendra P. Healthcare Provider. 

“The old me would have gone ballistic! This has been the first drama-free vacation. We didn’t get into any arguments. This is the first time our families have vacationed together and we didn’t kill each other!… I’ve been losing weight and feel good about my journey… I completed the exercise and it was a confidence booster!”

Tanya T. Healthcare Provider.

“Coaching has made my life so much easier. I speak up and advocate for myself much faster and so do not harbor resentments. This means I am less stressed overall and physically and mentally much stronger and healthier. The anxiety and stress management techniques you taught me are invaluable and I use them frequently – as soon as I feel any sort of anxiety creeping into my mind or body in fact. I am more confident in virtually all parts of my life – professional and personal – (and I didn’t think I lacked confidence) and am advocating for what I need. My stress and anxiety levels are the lowest they have been in years despite 2022 being a challenging year for me.”


What’s the investment?

The mistake most people make is that they think the “do-it-yourself” route is cheaper. Or that “it’s not that bad.” What they don’t realize is how slow and ineffective that can be. 

Or worse…

The time, money, energy, and resources spent on trying to fix the symptoms of overwhelm and avoid the pain of disappointment, instead of actually getting effective tools to treat the root cause and change things for good. 

So yes, it’s time to say YES to yourself and more. 

As a coach, I will be your guide for motivation and support but will also keep you accountable. I share honest feedback to tell you what you need to grow, not just what you want to hear.

I want you to know that you are capable and wise and have the answers within. This is what we will discover through coaching, so that you can uncover and maximize your true potential instead of just following a scripted path. 

It’s important that I teach you how to fish, not just give you fish, so that you can navigate and direct your life successfully according to your desires.

There are many studies, including one from Dyrbye et al., showing how coaching has helped physicians recover from burnout and improved their resilience and quality of life. 

A study from McGovern et al. also showed Fortune 1000 executives experienced improved working relationships, job satisfaction, productivity, and profitability through working with a coach. 

This is your chance to learn from me so that you can stop wasting time and live your best life with ease.


I am excited to offer the CONNECTED Transformation through both group and 1-on-1 coaching programs.


If you want to take an amazing journey with a small exclusive group of amazing like-minded women, the group coaching program is for you!


No time to wait? 

If you’re ready for a highly personalized and curated transformational experience, the 1-on-1 coaching program is for you! 

Sign-up for a FREE Consultation Call below.

To start your transformation NOW.


This program is NOT for everyone.


The CONNECTED experience is NOT FOR YOU if…


– If you are not interested in improving your life for the better

– You sit around and complain all the time

– You aren’t coachable, open, or positive

– You can’t contribute anything to the rest of the group

– You don’t want to do the work

– You can’t trust the process


The CONNECTED experience IS FOR YOU if…

– If you are 100% serious about changing your life for the better

– You are a successful professional woman who is here to make a big impact and willing to do what it takes

– You are ready to end the cycle of overthinking, overdoing, and overworking

– You are done with being stuck and wasting your precious time and energy because life is too short 

– You know that the right coaching and resources will help you spot the blind spots that you won’t be able to see on your own

– You know that surrounding yourself with the best community will support your well-being and growth

– You want to live life on your terms and enjoy your life with ease and peace of mind! 

I know that if you follow the process, you will be transformed, period.


There is no refund offered because I am not here to waste anyone’s time. 


If you just want to “see what coaching is about” then complain and quit when you’re busy, don’t bother. 

There are plenty of other options available.






Dr. Cindy Tsai

Dr. Cindy Tsai is an award-winning physician, bestselling author, TEDx speaker, integrative health expert and wellness/life coach who is on a mission to redefine self-care. 

She loves helping accomplished high-achieving women transform their stress into strength to succeed and win at life. These women leaders and healers who have so much to offer but get overwhelmed by the demands and needs placed on them. To help them feel So Much Better

Dr. Tsai earned BA and MS degrees from Johns Hopkins University and MD degree from Dartmouth. As a leader, physician, and patient herself, Dr. Tsai saw and experienced the impact of chronic stress on the body and was compelled to do more than prescribe medications as a bandaid.

Through her own healing journey, she explored and trained in a wide range of solution-oriented therapeutic modalities and now emphasizes taking an integrative approach to wellness. She is trained and certified in various energy healing practices including Reiki, Emotion Code, Theta Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), among others. 

As author of the bestselling self-help book, So Much Better: Life-Changing Strategies to Develop Calm, Confidence, and Curiosity to Become an Inspiring Success Story, she introduces a radical path to well-being, through creating the Inspiring Success Story MethodTM. This method offers clients a diverse range of mind-body-spirit techniques to expand the possibilities of achieving their dreams. 

Dr. Tsai has been nationally recognized, featured, and published in a range of media focused on wellness and healthy living. She is excited to share her expertise and passion to guide as many as possible in the journey of self-discovery to recognize the importance of self-care as a wellness practice to lead and enjoy a life of ease.

Frequently asked Questions

We meet virtually for 60-75 min (depending on 1:1 vs. group program) each week. During the session, I share my best tools and tips to support you on your journey. There will be a mix of coaching, interactive exercises, guided visualization/meditations, energy healing, reflections, and more. 

CONNECTED is designed to be a three-month transformational journey.

More is not better. The most important thing is that it works for you.

It’s not about the time but rather how committed you are. I believe wholeheartedly in your success and will share proven processes and tools to get you where you want to go. That being said, I can’t do the work for you. So come prepared, on time, complete the exercises and be open to new ideas as you stretch and grow.

You don’t ever have to do anything. Nothing is mandatory. Coaching is meant to be a fun experience!

But the clients who have undergone the biggest transformations are those who are the most open-minded, committed, and willing to practice these tools and techniques on a daily basis (at least 15 min/day). Please know that I am always available as a resource to guide you accordingly because I WANT you to win.

My philosophy is to keep things simple because simple works. I know how busy you are and I only share the most effective practices that work. The key with behavior change is to build small micro-habits that accumulate over time to help you achieve BIG results

In the GROUP experience, you can expect: 
– Twelve 75-min small group calls via zoom with Cindy weekly over the next three months
– Private Facebook group for interaction, support, and accountability 
– Weekly voxer app (voice/text) access
– Weekly journal prompts and reflection exercises in a secure and confidential online portal
– Tools to help with self-care, stress, processing emotions and building resilience

In the 1:1 experience, you can expect: 
Twelve 60-min zoom calls with Cindy weekly over the next three months
– M-F Voxer app (voice/text) and email access for additional coaching
– Frequent check-in’s for support and accountability
– Weekly journal prompts and reflection exercises in a secure and confidential online portal
– Tools to help with self-care, stress, processing emotions and building resilience
– SPECIAL BONUS personalized “Human Design Report” providing a roadmap to understand you and your life purpose

The group coaching experience is meant to be an intimate and supportive environment with no more than six in a cohort. 

While it is recommended to make each session live, the sessions will be recorded and you’ll have access to the private recordings. No worries! 

The group coaching program is designed to follow the CONNECTED framework in order as described above. There are integration weeks built-in to ensure development of a solid foundation. Each week builds on the previous content with intention and purpose. 

While the 1:1 coaching program is also designed to follow the CONNECTED framework, this is a highly personalized transformational experience with ample flexibility to support specific needs and requests. 

You will be fully equipped to navigate and direct your life successfully according to your desires, but it is crucial to continue honing your abilities and skills. 

For those who are interested, there are options for ongoing support and next-level growth and development. 

You may think that it’s impossible to quiet your mind. I know many people have a hard time when they try to sit still (including myself before) and quickly get uncomfortable as many thoughts come through.

However, practicing mindfulness is not just about meditation. I want to help you experience mindfulness without having to go on a meditation retreat. If you are open to trying, I think you may be pleasantly surprised. And a busy mind is actually a good thing! It means you are alive and your brain is working hard with a lot of energy to be productive that through mindfulness, you can learn to redirect to something more useful instead.

While I am a licensed physician, life coaching is not medical advice and coaching does not establish a doctor-patient relationship.

Please discuss any and all medical and mental health concerns with your personal healthcare provider. You may review the full disclaimer here.

Every session is a safe, inclusive, and protected space. Coaching is a confidential process and what we discuss will not be shared with others. Your personal information is always protected.

In group coaching sessions, confidentiality is expected and we set an intention to create and hold a safe space so that our amazing community can support each other on this transformational journey. 

If you are interested in the group coaching experience, submit an application here and we’ll be in touch!

If you are interested in the 1:1 coaching experience, book a free consultation call here to get started! 

If you’re not sure which one is best, just book a free consultation call here and we can discuss more!



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