Avoiding Pain

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

"Would you like some pain? No, thank you."

How often do you try to avoid pain? To put off doing the thing you really don't want to do?

It's actually a human instinct to avoid pain (in addition to seek pleasure and conserve energy BTW).

Have you ever wondered why you don't want to do it? Is it because it feels too hard and you don't want to fail and embarrass yourself? Or you've never done it before so you feel unsure and doubtful that you will succeed?

Regardless, it's helpful to pay attention to what is going on. What we resist, persists. Similar to how you can't keep a beach ball submerged under water for very long.

I invite you to consider pain as a helpful indicator. That pain is actually an important signal and reminder so we can figure out what's serving and not serving us. It's a perfect time to re-evaluate and re-calibrate so that you can still be on your way to where you want to go.

Let me know what you've been procrastinating on and why... How can I help?