Being Responsible

What does it mean to be responsible? Is it when you're doing something out of obligation? Taking blame? "Adulting"?

As I've continued on my entrepreneurial journey, I know I want to be 100% responsible, all the time. Responsible for my successes and my failures. While the idea of failure terrifies my inner critic and perfectionist every time, I choose to take action and stay open so I can see and receive all the magic.

I see responsibility as a gift. An opportunity to create and be the cause of my life. I want my life to happen FOR me and not TO me.

We were born with certain circumstances but it's all about what you make of it. What stories are you telling yourself about why something can't happen or change? Have you ever paused to question why you have that belief?

I know it's easy to just sit and complain. We've been trained to behave this way. What was the last thing you complained about? Did it make you feel better after? I know that I've definitely done my share of complaining and my ex can attest that I often used the "woe is me" bitmoji and look forward to commiserating with girlfriends. While I wanted to be supportive and "part of the pack", I realized complaining really didn't do me or anyone any good. It's just a lot of heavy negative energy looming over my head. Was I complaining to focus on the problem and wallow in self-pity? Or am I reaching out for a solution?

Every day, I am committed to my own learning and growth, knowing that everything is unfolding as it should and that my thoughts create my reality. I have to say this autonomy feels pretty awesome and I invite you to try it out. If you want to talk more about how to create the life you desire on purpose, book a free discovery call with me.