Being Wronged

We live in a very small world. My friend recently shared that an acquaintance said something totally untrue about me to another community of people. I wanted to share my response with you as it unfolded.

When I first heard it, I was so confused. I didn’t understand why I was even brought up in the conversation. I thought I would be really upset and want to make an announcement to prevent false rumors from spreading. My friends certainly felt that way. But I wasn’t. I was actually very calm and relaxed.

I paused in the moment to notice all my feelings. And then I got curious and asked myself why would this person do that? And I chose to think that it was because they were afraid to and unable to speak their truth in the moment. And it was easier to bring somebody else into the mix. So I chose to be understanding and compassionate. And even though it means there are people walking around with a misunderstanding of who I am, it’s okay. They can be wrong about me. Because I know me.

Everything is perception. We will never truly know what’s in someone else’s brain but choosing kindness and compassion will strengthen and bring you calm every time. Tell me when was the last time someone misunderstood you? Did you react or respond? What would you like to do instead? Reach out if you want to learn how to stop taking things personally. Life is too short to live for another's perception.