Feeling Disappointed

I know we often have these grand visions for how things will turn out. Maybe hitting your financial goals or finding the perfect partner. And it sucks when it doesn’t happen and we feel frustrated and disappointed. But disappointment is actually a helpful first step in figuring out the solution.

Disappointment is a feeling that results when we think something falls short of our expectations. I invite you to consider what happens when you’re feeling disappointed. What kinds of actions do you take and not take? Do you turn on the TV to start binge-watching Netflix? Reach for cookies or a drink so you can relax? Complain to anyone who will listen? Do these indulgent behaviors help you get closer to your goals? When you wake up the next day, has the problem gone away?

We often resort to these activities to buffer our feelings because we don’t want to feel the discomfort. But it’s just a temporary bandaid and our true frustrations haven’t been released. So what does disappointment actually feel like in your body? Take a breath and really notice it. Breathe into it and allow it to be there.

When you are able to sit with the discomfort and know that you are OK and nothing has gone wrong, you will be able to unpack what happened and then change things around to get to your desired outcomes.

Don’t forget that you have the power to change and create in every moment. Situations arise in our circumstances, but you can choose how to respond and not just react.