How do you make the Right Decision?

We make countless decisions in a day. Do you ever get analysis paralysis and stress about making the "right" decision? Feeling like if you chose the wrong one then everything might fall apart? How much time do you spend on this?

What I want to offer to you is that the decision you make, whichever one, IS the right one... Stay with me. I always believe that we are all trying our best, including the decisions that we make. Whatever you decide, it's based on all the information you had at THAT point in time. So it's right and perfect for that moment! There is no wrong answer.

The next hour, day or month comes and you will have more information available to you. Our circumstances can change in an instant. And so with new information, you can always re-think the situation and consciously make a new decision. And that one, will be the right one, at that exact moment.

I invite you to consider that everything is unfolding as it should. And to be OK with changing your mind. I know it's easy to be hard on yourself when you look back and feel some type of regret, disappointment, embarrassment, shame or guilt, but you were simply trying your best at that moment in time. Why are you holding yourself hostage? Were you intentionally trying to mess things up? I doubt it. Offer some kindness to yourself today. You are worth it and so much more.