I Am Grateful For...

A lot of times, we know we "should" be grateful. After all, there's a lot of tragic and unfortunate things going on in our world today.

But who cares? Why does it matter if we are grateful?

Studies have shown that feeling/sharing gratitude activates a different part of the brain to release our feel-good chemicals (a.k.a. dopamine and serotonin), to help us feel better, almost immediately. And as humans, we usually like to seek pleasure or avoid pain. Which means this is the perfect solution, right?!

So why is it so hard to remember to be grateful?! Why do we often take things for granted?

Well, it's most likely because we've been doing it, for many many years. And the habits are so deeply ingrained in our system. So it takes a lot of active effort and intention to undo this conditioning.

But it's possible! And it starts with asking the questions...

What are you grateful for right now? Yes, in this very moment!

What are you grateful for in your day? In your work? In your home?

I invite you to ask yourself these questions as often as you remember. To build your mental muscle and to increase your capacity for gratitude.

I am grateful to have this space and opportunity to share my thoughts with you.

Sending you so much good energy. You got this.