I'm Busy...

I'm busy... how often do you say that to yourself or others? Are you really busy? Or are you trying to avoid something like our ostrich here...

I can tell you that the one thing I loved avoiding was checking my test scores when they came out. I’ve had to take a ridiculous amount of tests and exams to become a doctor. And it doesn’t end BTW. There are constant certifications, continuing medical education credits and board exams you have to keep up with.

So even though I would study super hard and try my best, there was always still an inkling of doubt that I would fail. Because anything is possible, right? The human brain defaults to the negative doom & gloom. And sometimes I would even wait days before I finally mustered up the courage to log in to check my results... Not kidding

And then one day when I felt like I had a good “lucky” day, I would get myself to log-in and check. I would close my eyes and hold my breath and then slowly peek to see a “congratulations” and get immediate relief knowing I passed my exam and that I would be OK. Whew. And then I would question why it took me so long because I could have felt this relief and ease 5 days earlier instead of creating 12380x more worry and stress in my mind.

I share this because sometimes we don’t know what we’re doing and how we create all this mind drama for ourselves. Truly. A lot of times we are scared of the worst-case scenario, that never even happens. Or sometimes unwanted or bad things do happen because that’s life. But avoiding it doesn’t help because you aren’t dealing with the issue and it only gets worse. Friends, patients and clients always appreciate how I ask them seemingly simple questions that unravel their whole train of thought. That’s the power of coaching. When you have someone who really cares for your well-being, is curious and actively listening, you can finally see all your blindspots clearly.

If you want to save years of unnecessary struggle, confusion and trial and error, I invite you to book a free clarity call to see how coaching is the best solution for you.