Life is Messy

Before my recent photoshoot, I went to get hair and make-up done. I came home, changed, and right before I left... one of my fake eyelashes fell off 😭 yup, of course it did 😌

And because I don't wear make-up often and didn't own any fake lashes, I didn't have any glue to fix it. So I had to rush to CVS and then awkwardly re-applied in my car before we started shooting 😂

The whole time I was worried my eyelashes were falling off (and they did in some, like the cover picture...) and my inner critic was totally catastrophizing and pointing fingers and saying mean things. But then I reminded myself that it's not every day I get glammed up and I really didn't want to waste my time stressing and looking grumpy because I've been feeling such joy and gratitude to be alive and doing what I truly LOVE and enjoy. So I let it go and ended up having so much fun!!! 😁

Anyway, I share because life IS messy. It will have its ups and downs. It's easy to get stuck and feel annoyed/angry/overwhelmed/etc when someone or something frustrating comes up. But please remember...

YOU have the power to respond however you want. To create your own experience. Yes, really.

When you KNOW you have your own back no matter what your inner critic or someone else says to you... when you trust and love yourself unconditionally... you're not going to want to sit around sulking or complaining and wasting your time. Because you're AMAZING & UNSTOPPABLE!

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