Loving What Is

This may be hard to hear. But I invite you to consider loving what is, right now, in this moment. Being present and experiencing all the joy and sadness, any fear or struggles.

Know that our brains are trained to look for safety and comfort and avoid pain, in the most efficient manner possible to conserve energy. This often makes us shy away from what’s going on in the moment because it feels uncomfortable and threatening to the brain and our survival. Brain goes into autopilot and we either avoid, resist or distract from what’s going on.

When you lean into the moment, you open yourself up to new possibilities. I hope you see that the point is not to be happy all the time because that’s not realistic. Life happens and it gets messy. How dull would life be without any contrast? What would be the point if you are not experiencing anything new?

But I want you to learn how to feel your feelings so that you stay open to all the possibilities. To not be afraid of what comes your way. Because when you fully believe in yourself and have your own back, you can accomplish anything and create anything you want in life. How amazing is that?