Making Mistakes

I can tell you that I hated making mistakes. I was terrified of failure and judgment. My inner critic perfectionist would rather we stay up late and triple or quadruple check every single detail instead of just putting things out there and learning from every single opportunity.

When I moved into my house recently, I wanted to choose a fun color to paint some walls. So I settled on "urban raincoat", which is like a pale light gray-blue. (BTW, have you ever tried going to the Home Depot paint section to pick a paint color? How do you not get overwhelmed by the choices?!?! lol) anyway, so my contractor painted all the walls. And when I saw it, instead of feeling overjoyed and excited, I felt a heavy feeling in my chest. I was like, "errr... hmm... okay, thank you" and tried to force a smile. I told myself to give it a few days because it might "grow on me".

It didn't, lol. I felt bad asking my contractor to repaint it. I also almost blamed him wishing he said something and stopped me. He said he learned from his wife to "just do the work and don't give opinions unless asked". Maybe that's how he maintains his happy marriage of 30+ years haha anyway, his crew repainted to the original white color and I felt so much better after it was done.

I realize that I could look at it as a mistake and be stuck in self-blame and criticism or trust that it's a learning opportunity and have fun with it. I know there's a lot more serious things out there with terrible consequences so this may seem trivial but regardless of big or small...

What mistakes are you making and can you love yourself through it all?