Me & Biking

Can I tell you something? I don't know how to ride a bike. Yup it's true 🤣 LOL

Many have tried to teach me... from family to friends to exes 😅

And you know what? I'm totally cool with it haha I know I talk a lot about learning and growth which I love. But it's also completely OK to not learn or do something you don't really care about.

For me, riding a bike is one of these things that I don't feel strongly about. I feel like every time I share this fact with someone, they give me an incredulous look and I would just laugh and say that I'll walk or drive instead. 😁

Granted, sometimes when I travel to a scenic spot or an enchanting town I do wonder what the experience would be like if I could ride a bike through the meadows and go shop at the local market or something 🤷‍♀️

Anyway, I just wanted to share this random fact about me. And to invite you to give yourself permission to NOT do something. And not feel bad about it!! Because we don't have to or need to do it all. No one can!

It's more important that you do what feels good to you, not because you think you "should", don't ever lose sight of that.

In the meantime... I'm happy to share that I can tandem bike 😊 have a wonderful weekend ❤️