Playing Small...

This morning I went to acupuncture.

As I was laying on the table trying to relax with needles all over, I started noticing cool air blowing at me from all the ceiling vents. I started shivering despite the heat lamp and kept telling myself that it was nothing. I had a call buzzer in my hand but I didn't want to press it because...

I felt bad. I didn't want to ask for help. I was afraid that the staff would judge me and dismiss my discomfort. Maybe it was all just in my head? So I laid there. While having this lively conversation in my head with my inner critic.

And then I took a breath and found a tiny bit of courage to press the button before I could change my mind. And my acupuncturist came in and exclaimed, "it is FREEZING in here!" and turned the A/C down for me.

I share this simple story because I find that so often we don't take action, overthink things and talk ourselves out of what we really want and need. Our inner critic has a full-time job keeping us small but it doesn't have to be that way.

When I was considering making the jump from physician to entrepreneur, my inner critic was going CRAZY. Having been a lifelong perfectionist, there was a lot of fear surrounding failure and rejection. I also had a lot of self-doubt as the impostor syndrome is real. It took some time to get clear on my purpose though once I really embraced my mission and vision of how I wanted to make a bigger impact in this world, I knew I had to do it and my inner critic gave me the green light.

How are you playing small in your life? Do you know that you have it all within? Truly. We just need to quiet the darn critic first. You got this.