Why I Left Medicine

People ask me, why did I leave my job as a Primary Care Physician and Medical Director to become a Life Coach? What is this life coaching thing anyway?

My answer is simple. Because I wanted to do more. I wanted to offer healing on a deeper level. To look at the person as a whole.

Do you ever feel like you're not enough?

Have restless nights worrying you didn't say or do the right thing?

Feel stuck and blah about life?

Get overwhelmed and stressed easily?

Care too much about what others think?

Say "I don't know" a lot?

Want to know what is your purpose in life?

Have low self-esteem and wish you had more confidence?

Feel guilty about wanting something different?

Judge yourself and others, caring too much about what others think?

Blame yourself and perseverate over small details?

Wish your busy mind would stop, just for a second.

Scared of failing and disappointing people around you?

Wish you could just let go and move past things?


The list goes on. I've been there. I've felt it all.

People looked at my life and on the surface, everything looked fine. I was a doctor, after all. But I was not fine. I was always into self-development and when I discovered coaching, I felt seen, heard and understood in a way that was different from therapy and other modalities I've tried in the past.

Coaching helped me gain so much clarity that it inspired me to become a coach myself to serve others. Now, my mission is to empower other women to look within and quiet their inner critic to confidently live their best life.

Here's my instagram video sharing the same sentiment. I'm doing some free eventbrite zoom webinars to review 3 Steps to Quiet Your Inner Critic. Spots are limited so sign-up if you're interested!