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Live with ease?

LEARN HOW to feel Complete as you are,
right now, and 
Enjoy your life every day.

 I coach professional women to prioritize self-care and
fully believe in themselves (or have their own back) to live a meaningful life of ease and joy. 

Hi there,

I'm Cindy Tsai, MD. I am a board-certified physician and life coach who takes an integrated mind, body and soul approach in working with professional women with advanced degrees. 

Life looks perfect from the outside... But on the inside, you are exhausted from the endless quest to accomplish in order to feel good enough.

​Do you... 

  • think you are not enough? 

  • have restless nights worrying?

  • feel tremendous pressure to succeed?

  • give to everyone else first and put yourself last?

  • downplay your expertise and accomplishments? 

  • constantly seek the next training, promotion, certification or degree thinking that will finally lead to happiness and fulfillment?

  • have a tough inner critic that's preventing you from living your best life? 

Here’s the TRUTH.


Real validation, comes from within.


I teach you how to have your own back. Say yes with genuine excitement. Say no without guilt. 


I teach you how to take better care of YOU and prioritize self-care. Practicing self-care is how you recharge your batteries and improve your health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. When you are full yourself, you have MORE to give. 

I want to help you go from chasing what’s next to enjoying the NOW. 

I was a perfectionist and people pleaser who went through life seeking approval and external validation to fill a void and prove my worth. I was afraid to express who I really was and I was driven to succeed and went to top schools to become the best physician I could be. Things looked fine on the surface but I was unhappy, resentful and felt like I was just another cog in the wheel. I lost connection with myself and thought this was my reality for the rest of my life. 


Working with a life coach completely turned things around and helped me realize that I could just change my relationship with myself and feel better. I didn't have to change the circumstances or anyone else. This was so empowering it inspired me to help other women do the same! Coaching showed me how to enjoy my whole self, good and bad, and gave me my power back. Read my story HERE and my latest BLOG articles!

I am here to help you fully trust and accept yourself too, no matter what. I want you to take better care of you so you can enjoy and love your life every day!

If you're ready to prioritize and learn how to take better care of you, I invite you to book a FREE clarity call below. On this call, we will walk through what's going on in your life, what's not working and how to change it for good so you can feel better and get what you want without sacrificing yourself. You are meant for more. I can't wait to show you the blindspots and get you answers to your problems. It's possible to live a life of ease and joy, not just when you're on vacation but in your every day starting now! 


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“Cindy has made me become a better physician.”

"As a cardiologist, I typically have extremely busy days, and I feel the need to be always doing something useful, even during my time off.  Talking to Cindy has helped me see that I need to take care of myself first if I want to take care of others, and there should be no guilt in taking care of myself. I started to reflect on things that bring me joy rather than things that are productive - such as writing down things I used to love as a kid, and doing them unapologetically during my time off. It has actually improved my energy, and I now bring my renewed self to work daily.


Another thing I learned from her is to see the best of each situation. This is not easy; but with time, it has made me let go of judgment and see the best in others. This also affected me in a positive way that now I also judge myself a lot less and more forgiving to myself. As long as we are doing our best, we are doing well. This realization lifted so much load off my shoulders. Now, work feels like a problem-solving team activity, which is what I always viewed being a physician would feel.


Because of conversations with Cindy, I have reframed my negative thoughts frequently, and overall a happier person and finding my busy schedule very manageable. I am so grateful for all my conversations with Cindy, and would 100% recommend her to any ambitious high-achieving woman trying to do good in this world. She will help you achieve your full potential while finding meaning, self-acceptance, and happiness.” 


—Htet K.


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