About Dr. Cindy

An award-winning double board-certified Internal Medicine and Integrative Medicine Physician, TEDx and Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author, Wellness Expert and Thought Leader who focuses on personal growth and healing with an integrative mind-body-spirit approach.




It’s time to take care of your health and well-being, for good.

The quick fix is not a fix. 

Let’s improve community health and well-being through holistic healing practices! 

This is accomplished using a compassionate approach putting YOU at the center of your care, incorporating mindfulness and integrative mind-body-spirit practices from modern science and ancient wisdom to help you create balance and thrive.



my story


Introvert? Perfectionist? Overachiever?

That was me.

I went through life working hard, driven to succeed, and went to the top ivy league institutions to become the best physician I could be.

As a board-certified Internal Medicine physician and Medical Director, things looked good on the surface. I was grateful to care for and support my patients’ health journeys.

However, I was alarmed by the increasing number of autoimmune conditions and chronic diseases that were mostly preventable.

We are living in an increasingly unwell world.

Having healed from a rare autoimmune condition myself (watch TEDx talk on “Body Intelligence”), I wanted to help others get better as well.

Everyone’s healing journey is unique.

Mine entailed a blend of traditional and non-traditional/alternative modalities and a holistic team-based approach to whole person care.

These practices have transformed my life and compelled me to become a practitioner to guide others on their paths.

I’m honored to have board-certification in both Internal Medicine and Integrative Medicine, and also a certified Mindfulness Teacher, Life Coach, Reiki Master, ThetaHealer, Emotion Code practitioner, among other mind-body and energy healing modalities.

In my work with clients, I take a personalized approach to understanding who you are and support you to get where you want to be.

Are you ready to live your best life with ease?

Let’s connect.


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