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For those looking to maximize team productivity, retention, and well-being in your organization.  


For those looking for integrative wellness solutions for hospitality, real estate,  clinics, or destination spas & immersions.



For those looking for a dynamic speaker and expert facilitator to lead stress management and leadership trainings. 

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Are you looking to bolster your organization’s reputation as a “healthy workplace”? 

A “Chief Wellness Officer (CWO)” is a leader who is an expert on wellbeing within organizations. The CWO guides the organization’s strategy to advance the professional fulfillment, development, and well-being of all team members.

The goal is to ensure a thriving, sustainable, and profitable future for the organization through improving productivity,  communication, employee satisfaction and retention. 

Every organization’s needs are different and this fractional role offers the support and leadership to foster an organizational culture of safety, professionalism, equity and wellbeing.

This may entail executive coaching, wellness initiatives, employee health programs, and more. In essence, to create a place where everyone wants to come to work!

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Our business is going through a significant growth phase, and I wanted to give my team some professional guidance and real-life skills on how to manage the mental stress and pressures that accompanied the increased demand for their time.

Dr. Cindy’s presentation was engaging and high-energy. She effectively linked the science of stress to the behavioral and health effects, making complex topics accessible and relatable to our group.

One of the standout qualities of Dr. Cindy is her deep empathy and authenticity that comes through her speaking style. Her enthusiasm and genuineness are infectious. She has a unique way of instilling a sense of empowerment and confidence… leaving team members feeling motivated and inspired to put their learnings into practice immediately.

Above all, Dr. Cindy is exceptionally professional and easy to work with. She is responsible, adaptive, and always willing to customize to suit the specific needs and goals of the organization. Her genuine passion for the subject matter is evident in every aspect of her interactions, making her a pleasure to collaborate with.


Vice President/General Manager

INTEGRATIVE wellness consultant

Are you seeking expert guidance on wellness strategies and initiatives for your newest venture and project?

An Integrative Wellness Consultant merges the realms of physical, mental, and spiritual health to craft wellness strategies tailored to your unique needs.

Through taking a holistic approach, we strive to make wellness part of your every day, bringing in the 6+ core dimensions of wellness to pave the path for sustainable wellbeing.

From curating personalized wellness experiences specific to customer profile to keep the brand competitive to designing  engaging diverse educational programming to providing professional recommendations to integrate integrative health practices to expand wellness offerings, there is a myriad of guidance available. 

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Dr. Tsai is an expert in her field, yet she is also multidimensional in her skills.

She is able to blend her experiences, science, western and eastern philosophies to bring together powerful information, skills and tools that are helpful for any professional!

She is a wonderful presenter, speaker and she has a beautiful calming effect which is so powerful and helpful when most of us are walking around riddled in stress and its effects.

I would highly recommend her as a speaker and as a coach, and she not only has her successful coaching business, but she is also service-driven and volunteers at Physician Coach Support sharing her skills to help her physician colleagues.

She is a gift to the world blending her experiences, knowledge and compassion with the world.


Physician / Entrepreneur

Speaking, training & workshops

Are you looking for a sought-after seasoned speaker for your next conference, event or retreat? 

As a TEDx and Keynote Speaker, Dr. Cindy captivates audiences and inspires change on a variety of topics related to personal growth, health, and wellbeing.

Through powerful presentations, interactive training sessions, and thought-provoking workshops, Dr. Cindy leverages her industry expertise and passion to bring practical insights, wisdom, and actionable takeaways to inspire change.

Speaking programs are thoughtfully structured and customized according to the organization and audience’s needs to foster enhancement in both professional and personal realms. Partnerships include hospitality, business and healthcare organizations, venture funds, among others. 

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Dr. Cindy delivered a very strong keynote at the Empowered Women in Wellness Conference in California and her message resonated with the attendees. She spoke on how women need to stop “should’ing” ourselves because of other people’s expectations causing us not living the life we truly want.

She addressed the crowd with her scientific and practical approach to holistic and integrated medicine combining the best of both Eastern and Western training.

I particularly resonated with her 3C pillars of wellness and how these tools are essential to making our lives ‘So Much Better’.

Dr. Cindy has a very calm and eloquent way of speaking and her storytelling on stage commands presence and attention.

I would highly recommend her to speak at any conference that address women’s health and wellbeing!



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