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Life-Changing Strategies to Develop
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So Much Better Book

About The Book

So Much Better is a transformative self-help book that offers a research-based process to help high-achievers fulfill their dreams. Expertly written by board-certified physician, keynote speaker, Chief Wellness Officer Dr. Cindy Tsai, this practical guide explores a wealth of strategies to help readers overcome anxiety and burnout, reprogram their brain’s default, and become the inspiring success stories they were meant to be.

Drawing on a profound mix of inspiring quotes, practical exercises, and thought-provoking perspectives, Dr. Cindy Tsai will take readers on an enlightening journey, sharing her incredible Inspiring Success Story MethodTM to help them redefine and reinvent their lives.

Perfect for any unfulfilled high achiever who is suffering from chronic stress, overwhelm, procrastination—or anyone who feels like you’re just “going through the motions”—So Much Better will reignite your passion for life, giving you the tools you need to escape your comfort zone and manifest your true potential with ease. 

why did i write a book?

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what’s inside


Why you feel burned out and unfulfilled

and what to do about it


How to reset your brain’s default

to work in your favor instead


The fundamentals of mindfulness

and how this one trick will boost your well-being


Quick exercises and self-reflections

to track your journey


Simple strategies for building calm, confidence, and curiosity to regain passion for life


And so much more!

“So Much Better is an outstanding book for people who want to start changing the narrative of their lives and thought patterns that you know are unhealthy but can’t seem to stop. Within the first few chapters, I felt like Dr. Tsai understood me. She had immediate insight into self-defeating patterns of thought that have been hindering me for years but could never identify!

The book is written and organized in a very intuitive way. Each chapter succinctly centers around one idea and then gives multiple exercises and techniques to help create change. Nothing is worse than reading a book that points out the problem but then provides no guidance on what to do next. This book does both and also provides links to amazing videos and tutorials. You feel like you’re getting a two-for-one.

I’m always skeptical about whether something will work. But knowing that the author had gone through the same problems and was able to overcome them through the techniques she shares is very reassuring. I’ve already started practicing her techniques and they have been tremendously helpful. I would highly recommend this book, it’s a concise and pleasurable read and is packed full of pearls and useful exercises.”


“This is an easy to read book with powerful, proven and research backed tools to start changing / shifting your mindset. Packed with tools and steps and how to’s that are easy to adapt to.

She explains things so easily it’s like you are talking to her and there is so much so much humility and compassion weaved throughout that it just oozes out of the pages.

The strategy is not magic just like reading about gym won’t give you a six pack, but gives you a road map to get you on your way.
Knowing her as a coach and of clients she has helped, you will be so blessed and lucky to have an amazing, compassionate guide to helping you im your journey of self discovery, awareness and living a rich and full life.

Don’t hesitate and reach out to her, she is a gem and full of light.”

Diana Londono

So Much Better is an excellent practical guide to help one being centered, calm and develop the confidence and courage to change and/or enhance your life. The author combines her training and experience as a physician with an integrative philosophy and mindset. The guidance in this book is helpful, easy to follow and practice, and it really works! Highly recommend!


Loved it! A self-help book that actually delivers on its promises – how refreshing.

So Much Better is for people who are doing just fine in their careers and lives in general (though maybe experiencing burnout or stress), but that’s the problem – “fine” isn’t enough. I think a lot of people are lacking a sense of fulfillment nowadays, and this book attacks that issue head-on. It presents actual, doable solutions to achieving your version of fulfillment and success.

Dr. Tsai is super practical, relatable, and to the point, which makes this book shine in its genre. She gives you exercises to do, tools and techniques to implement in your life, and plenty to reflect on. It’s all backed up with peer-reviewed research studies and her years of experience in the field. If you put in the work to follow her method, I do think you can grasp your untapped potential and become an “inspiring success story” (to use her phrase).”


“Not only did I learn about how the mind and body are connected, Cindy introduced exercises on how to control the inner critic inside. With the exercises and learning about the “Principles of Mindfulness”, I’m able to feel more peaceful with my finance job and the relationships around me. I’m buying this for my employees as part of our wellness program!”


“I loved the book!! It’s beautifully written and it was something that I really needed to read. A lot of the topics really resonated with me. Thank you so much for writing it. I love it!!”


This book was super useful, with plenty of actionable exercises and journaling prompts! Sometimes it’s difficult to grasp mindfulness, but it was much easier to know what to look out for and what to do next with this as a guide. The author’s experiences and analogies really resonate with me, and everything is so clearly (and funnily!) written. I’ll be returning to this book time and again as I navigate life, especially during these trying times. I’m feeling more confident about uncertainty even after running through the exercises just once. Highly recommend this book if you’re trying to find calm and confidence in your life!”

Cary C.

Such a great book, well written and warm with the tools to help you be better and get over your fears. Feeling anxious and stressed has become the norm in our lives unfortunately, the constant rat-race and the feeling of stress. Dr Tsai does an amazing job describing what actually takes place in our body when we experience anxiousness and stress and providing a solution and the tools to handle it. Thank you Dr Tsai for helping not just me, but only me 15 year old who struggles with anxiety. Easy read and highly recommend this book to anyone! We can all need to use more mindfulness in our lives! Love yourself and show yourself love!”

Sandra L.

Dr. Cindy Tsai is a double board-certified internal medicine and integrative medicine physician, TEDx and keynote speaker, mindfulness teacher, wellness expert and Chief Wellness Officer who is committed to guiding unfulfilled high achievers to escape the trap of autopilot and become inspiring success stories.

As the author of So Much Better and the creator of the practical Inspiring Success Story MethodTM, Dr. Tsai translates her professional knowledge into a powerful blueprint to help readers of all backgrounds step beyond their comfort zones and dare to achieve their dreams.

As a leader, physician, and patient herself, Dr. Tsai saw  and experienced the impact of chronic stress on the body and was compelled to do more than prescribe medications as a Band-Aid. Through her own healing journey, she explored and trained in a wide range of solution-oriented therapeutic modalities and emphasizes taking an integrative approach to wellness. 

All my best,

Dr. Cindy


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