Podcast Guest Episode- Wellness Redefined with Spiritual Spotlight Series Podcast

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How did I journey from conventional Western medicine into integrative/holistic health? Check out this podcast episode to learn more!

After a personal battle with a rare autoimmune condition, I had to redefine health and recognize the pivotal role chronic stress plays on our well-being.

There is incredible wisdom in our bodies and we need to be proactive in managing our health.

I also share a fun story about how I first came across spirituality and crystal healings.

Thank you Rachel Garrett for this interview.

Check out the YouTube link for the full episode or listen to it on your favorite podcast platform here!

This episode is your portal into a deeper understanding of holistic health and wellness, an awakening of your spiritual side, and a testament to the empowering impact of acknowledging and addressing the messages our bodies send us.

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Cindy Tsai

Cindy Tsai


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