Podcast Guest Episode- Burnout Leading to Crisis & Transformation

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Feeling stuck and frustrated with where you are?

How do you start the process of figuring out what you want in life?

When will you know you’ve landed on the right thing and what will bring true happiness?

I’m excited to join as a guest on The Dare to Dream Podcast with Vincent and Gregory, speaking and sharing my own experiences as well as coaching many high-achievers through this journey.

As I shared in my TEDx talk, our body has its own intelligence and it talks to us. We need to pay attention to these messages.

I talk about my own struggles with self-doubt and judgment, having been a lifelong perfectionist and how we can transform through times of stress and overwhelm. This is an amazing conversation if you’re ready to learn how to connect with your true self and own the happiness you deserve.

Listen here now: https://anchor.fm/thedaretodreampodcast/episodes/DTD-99-How-Burnout-Led-to-Crisis–Transformation–and-the-Path-to-Redefine-Self-Care-with-Dr–Cindy-Tsai-e1rf0hj

You deserve to feel So Much Better.

What’s your biggest takeaway? E-mail and let me know!

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Cindy Tsai

Cindy Tsai


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