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Are you embarking on a transition period in your life?

Maybe you’ve worked in the same position for many years and have noticed you’re not as happy or fulfilled and getting burnt out. 😔

Or maybe you just started a new opportunity and want to set yourself up for success. 🤓

I’m excited to share my latest interview as a guest on Dr. Heather Fork’s @doctorscrossing Carpe Diem Podcast where we discuss the “Most Important Aspect of Career Change”!!

Most people have a tendency to start by looking OUTWARD.

Meaning we focus and want to control and change our external environment and circumstances.

We think about…
❌ How toxic the culture is
❌ Poor management and stress it creates
❌ Lack of good opportunities wasting talents and time

And on top of that, ❌ limited benefits and perks?!

Of course it makes sense to change companies or move teams. 🙄

We focus on all the problems. Everything that’s NOT working.

But take a moment and ask yourself…

Do you have any control over the external world?

If you are always trying to change your outside to improve how you feel on the inside, you will always be at the whim of your circumstances.

You will never be free.

You will never be happy (for long).

Because the moment something doesn’t go as planned, you’re going to want to change it so you can feel better.

The solution???

You have to start from the INSIDE out. 🔍

Meaning it’s time to look inward and develop a good relationship with yourself.

In the podcast episode, we discuss how to rebuild this relationship and strategies for coping and reframing your perspective.

We share ideas and techniques to get past imposter syndrome, people pleasing, victimhood, perfectionism, and more!!!

Check out the episode here: 

Episode #91: The Most Important Aspect of Career Change – Believe It Or Not – Doctor’s Crossing

Take a listen to live your best life with ease!! ❤️

Cindy Tsai

Cindy Tsai


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