VIRTUAL WORKSHOP- Ready to Thrive in Work and Life?

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Are you a woman leader or healer with a lot on your plate?! 😰

You are here to make a BIG impact. To contribute powerfully and make our world a better place.

But it feels like you’re constantly being pulled in different directions without the time and energy for it all… 😭

You’re not alone.


I’m thrilled to be invited as a speaker for NAWBO San Diego to present a workshop on how to “Prioritize You and Redefine Self-Care to Thrive at Work and Life” 😊

Sign-up HERE: 

Prioritize You and Redefine Self-Care to Thrive in Work and Life

If you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed…

You have to join this interactive workshop to learn simple practical tips to redefine self-care and start prioritizing your wellness now!!

Self-care is about taking care of and nourishing all parts of your mind and body.

Give yourself permission to take a break so you can relax and recharge to live your best life with ease!

In this presentation, you will…
✅ Learn basics of mindfulness and how it helps with stress management
✅ Gain simple tools and techniques to stay calm and thrive in your every day
✅ Reflect and design self-care practices that work for you

Who’s excited and ready to feel So Much Better??

DETAILS: Weds, Nov 16th @ 12pm PST / 3pm EST

Mark your calendars and sign-up now!!

Register HERE: 

Prioritize You and Redefine Self-Care to Thrive in Work and Life

Why does this matter?

When you are well, you are going to have so much more to give.

You will no longer be stuck in a state of survival and struggle. You will show up BETTER in all areas of your life- business, work, finances, health, personal, relationships, everything!

Please LIKE & SHARE to encourage others to take better care of themselves!

You deserve to enjoy the life you worked so hard for ❤️

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Cindy Tsai

Cindy Tsai


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