Podcast Guest Episode- Permission to Heal – “Conversations on Healing”

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Are you tired of dealing with a chronic health issue or challenge?

Maybe you’ve seen many different healthcare practitioners and getting frustrated that you still don’t have a clear answer or effective treatment plan.

You’re almost at your wit’s end…

What’s the solution?!

You must give yourself permission to heal!!! 💫

Sometimes we get so used to our situation/circumstances that we take it as normal.

This includes illness and disease states.

Ask yourself the following:

– Has your health issue become a part of your identity?

– Is it who you are and how you see yourself? Why?

– Is it possible to see yourself as a healthy individual?

– Are you someone who is always seeing doctors and dealing with illness?

I’m excited to share I recently joined Shay Beider on the “Conversations on Healing” Podcast and discussed the importance of listening to your body, my experiences with navigating an autoimmune disease and shared how to develop a personalized approach to healing.

Check out the podcast episode here now: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/conversations-on-healing-podcast/id1516031169?i=1000644695705

Healing is possible- as long as you support your mind, body, and spirit through this process.

Examining and treating the root causes through an integrative holistic approach is crucial.

Please share and email us if you want to learn more about holistic healing practices for yourself or others! 😊

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Cindy Tsai

Cindy Tsai


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