Podcast Guest Episode- Breaking Free from Limiting Habits with KevinMD

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Did you know these “bad” habits are making your life harder than necessary? 😱

Thank you Kevin Pho, M.D. for the invitation to join the KevinMD podcast where I shared valuable insights about the common obstacles that hinder personal growth and alignment.

Tune into this podcast episode here: https://www.kevinmd.com/2023/06/breaking-free-from-limiting-habits-unveiling-the-path-to-your-full-potential-podcast.html

From excessive device usage to self-doubt, I discuss the impact of these habits and offer practical solutions for positive change ✅

Tune in to discover how you can overcome these challenges, prioritize self-care, set boundaries, and embrace a life of joy and peace that you deserve!

Catch the episode here now: https://www.kevinmd.com/2023/06/breaking-free-from-limiting-habits-unveiling-the-path-to-your-full-potential-podcast.html

What are some habits that keep you healthy and well? 😊 I’d love to know- let me know in the comments below ⬇️!

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Cindy Tsai

Cindy Tsai


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